Jax Does Homestuck

My name is Jackie and I'm currently working in a corporate office. I'd much rather spend time making content, though.
I got into Homestuck via Jeff Jacques of Questionable Content mentioning Hussie being one of his friends.
That was back in... Oh, 2014 or so.

Some info about me and the podcast:


I never really grew out of my Homestuck "phase".
This might be because I got into it in my early twenties instead of teens. Or maybe I'm just a huge dork.
Podcasts are the hot new creative thing I wanted to try my hand at, and I also wanted to reread Homestuck now that it has ended.
 The two naturally ended up coming together.

But what is Jax Does Homestuck? It's a podcast in which I analyze Homestuck in different ways. The first and currently ongoing way is just how gay everyone is. Stay tuned for future analysis!

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